WELCOME TO Trump's Army

Trump's Army isn’t just a coin; it’s a statement. Let’s make crypto great again, one Trump's Army at a time!

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ABOUT Trump's Army

Welcome to Trump's Army!

The idea of Trump's Army is his friends Andy, Brett, Landwolf and Pepe enlist into Trump's Army to send coins to the moon. They have to fight and go through many dips to the top. We can say something like Trump's Army donated to the Trump Campaign etc.


Our Tokenomics are simple! nothing complicated here.

0% Tax

2,024,000,000 Supply

Why Trump's Army?

Pure Fun

Trump's Army is here to inject some fun into the crypto world. We’re a memecoin with no affiliations—just love for Trump and the USA.

Patriotic Spirit

Embrace the spirit of freedom and the American dream with every transaction. Our coin is a nod to enthusiasts who enjoy politics with a side of humor.

Innovative Tech

Built on the cutting-edge Base Chain, we’re setting the pace for the future of memecoins. Fast, secure, and with that Trump flair, Trump's Army is bringing the bull run to BASE.

Be Part of the Movement

Trump's Army isn’t just a coin; it’s a statement. Let’s make crypto great again, one Trump's Army at a time!



-Stealth Launch

-1k+ holders

-Get Trump's Army trending all over twitter

-CG/CMC Listings


– CEX Listings

– 10k+ holders

– More trending

– Target specific ads

– T1 KOL’s 


– Trump's Army merch

– T1 CEX Listings

– Takeover the BASE chain

– Trump's Army

How to Buy

Step 1: Create a Wallet

Download Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask on the App Store/Google Play Store on mobile, or the chrome extension on desktop.

Step 2: Send Ethereum to your wallet

Send Ethereum on the Base chain from an exchange to your wallet, or if bridging use the official base bridge to bridge from the ethereum network to base.

Step 3: Buy Trump's Army

Go to Uniswap and connect your wallet. Then paste the contract address  and swap from ethereum to Trump's Army.

Ca: 0xc6f514e8E0c310cB9BC11dB507E2c2531E28FB2C Copied!

Step 4: Welcome to Trump's Army

After swapping you are now an official holder of Trump's Army! You are now a valued member of the Trump Base, and on your way to help Trump's Army!


Trump's Army

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